Serçin Bastürk

Self-Proclaimed Grammar Queen

Serçin Bastürk

She has a deep knowledge of how languages work, what makes the reader become interested in a text, which writing style is proper for a subject, and why some localization approaches work better than others in certain situations.

She is meticulous and detail-oriented, attentive to glossaries, style guides and deadlines. Passionate about the correct, as well as the creative use of the Turkish language, she keeps an eye for all kinds of errors—spelling, punctuation or semantic ones—even when she’s reading something for leisure.

Graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, namely, Bogazici University Economics Department, she is disciplined, responsible, has strong analytical skills and a sense of initiative.

Her areas of expertise include life sciences (medicine and pharmaceuticals), subtitles, marketing, website localization, and transcreation. She has diverse areas of interest, from music, yoga, tennis and acting to alternative education techniques, teaching, entrepreneurship, and service industry.

She likes to call herself an “information sponge”.

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