Pınar Yalçın

Tech-Savvy Tinkerer

Pınar Yalçın

Pınar is your one-stop-shop for localization projects. With 14 years of experience in the translation business, she collaborated with many translation agencies and international language vendors as translator, editor and project manager.

Her areas of expertise include UI/API localization, marketing translation, transcreation, advertising and website localization, market research, technology and innovation.

She started working for translation companies as a student and moved on to work for some major publishing houses immediately after graduation. After having a few translated novels published, she established herself as one of the most reliable independent translators of the industry.

Having been on both sides of the process, she knows how meticulous and timely deliveries can make the lives of project managers much easier. She took part in major large-scale projects where she worked with dozens of linguists from all around the world. Pınar understands that rigorous research and curiosity help her stay on top of her game and improve her craft. Having excellent command in numerous CAT tools, she helps other translators and clients familiarize themselves with the technology and finds tech-based solutions when needed.

Pinar is an avid gamer, sci-fi enthusiast and a self-proclaimed movie nerd. If you are interested in having an organic flavor in your translations, you can trust her with your material. Her expertise is to “Think Turk.”

Marketing & Market Research


UI/API & Website Localization


Technology & Innovation



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